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Colored contact lenses can either change or reinforce your natural eye color. Even though they are available seeing that either corrective or noncorrective lenses, they always require a prescription.

Difficulty: Tolerably Challenging


Things You'll Need

Prescription Color chart

The way in which to Wear Colored Contact Lenses

1 Generate an appointment together with any optometrist. He will determine whether you require corrective or noncorrective lenses. Your eye shape will also be measured.

2 Decide on the way very much color you need. An enhancement tint lens will augment or deepen your eye color without having changing it. These are greatest for people with light-colored eyes. On contrast, one opaque, color-coloured lens will absolutely change your eye color. Thus, the impact will be far more spectacular. To Halloween and other costume-type about events, you can choose theatrical lenses, which can generate you look love an alien or other strange personality.

3 Choose between disposable and nondisposable lenses. Nondisposable lenses can be worn for one year. If you plan to have on your colored contact lenses on a everyday basis, these are some very good idea. Disposable speak to can be worn with around some week, and no longer besides six hours some day. These are very good if you are just using them for cosmetic purposes.

4 Choose your colors. To subtlely improve mild blue eyes, choose an aqua or dark blue shade. Folks with brown eyes can use a hazel-toned contact lens with subtle color enhancement. Honey-colored lenses will add drama to soft-colored eyes. People with dark hair and dark visions need to opt for dramatic shades such as green amethyst and sapphire.

5 Soak and cleanse your contacts according to instructions. These may differ for each manufacturer.

8 Cleanse your lenses after use.

Hold some eye drops in you, within case your eyes waterless up throughout the daytime.

Hold a lens case plus most soaking solution. If a lens falls out, you will require to clean up it. In no way borrow other person's contact lenses.

Remove your lenses if your eyes turn into sensitive to soft.

It is difficult to read while wearing contact lenses. You might need to take your reading glasses with you.


How to Wear Colored Speak to

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