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"The Impossible Quiz" is any web game created in the programmer Slapp-me-carry out and originally published by way of Newgrounds within 2 website website7. Although becoming arranged up as a critical quiz game, it is in fact a series of technique questions, non sequiturs and other checks of a gamer's ability to feel laterally. Issue 19 on the game sees players confronted in a drawing about an alien called "Boggy" on a canvas, a collection of paint pots plus a issue asking them to full the painting. While appearing difficult at initial, coloring within Boggy in order remains actually simple.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated


1 Load "The Impossible Quiz" game upward and play by means of to question 19.

2 Click the blue paint can once.

3 Click the orange paint can once.

4 Click the green paint can twice.


Newgrounds: The Impossible Quiz Gamer's Hood: The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough

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