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The U.S. also Russia have their own currencies. When traveling between Russia and America or transferring cash between the countries, you should know the way many rubles you will gain for your U.S. dollars. The difference between these two figures is governed by the exchange rate, which is affected by each country's financial position, credit status, fiscal policy, interest and share markets. To convert dollars to rubles, you can manually calculate the rate or use an Web currency conversion calculator.

Difficulty: Easy


Converting Dollars to Russian Rubles with CoinMill

1 Go to the CoinMill web site. Some link remains available on the References section below.

3 Enter the amount within U.S. dollars you want to alter.

4 Click "Convert."

5 Scroll down the page to find "Russian Ruble" and the conversion amount next to it.

2 Enter the amount in U.S. bucks you want to convert within the "Convert this amount" box.

3 Click the "Away from this currency" decrease-lower menu, and choose "USD United States Dollars."

4 Click the "To this currency" drop-lower menu, and click "RUB Russian Rubles."

Converting Cash to Russian Rubles with TheMoneyConverter.com

1 Go to TheMoneyConverter.com website. A link is provided in the References section below.

2 Enter the amount on U.S. cash you want to convert within the "Enter Period" box.

3 Pick out "USD - US Dollar" in the "Away from" box if it yous not already selected.

4 Select "RUB - Russian Rouble" on the "To" box.

5 Check the figure down below "Results" to notice the conversion between the double.

Manually Converting Cash to Rubles

1 Open a website like whereas XE, TheMoneyConverter.com or eXchangeRate.com (discover References for some link) that has currency exchange rates on it.

2 Find the change rate for U.S. dollars (USD) to rubles (RUB). To one illustration, let's find the rate with eXchangeRate.com. At this website, change rates with U.S. dollars are given from the dated columns about the table. Scroll down to reveal Russia, and look across the row for the current exchange rate. The alternate rate from USD to RUB as of June 7, 2 website1 website, was 31.77663.

3 Multiply the amount of U.S. cash you want to convert via the exchange rate. In our example, $1 internet site website multiplied by way of 31.77663 is 3,177.663 rubles. This figure is how much your U.S. cash are valued at in rubles.


CoinMill.com: CoinMill.com - The Currency Converter XE: XE - The World's Favourite Currency Conversion Website The Cash Converter.com: Transform US Dollar to Russian Rouble eXchangeRate.com: ExchangeRate.com - Currency Rates

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