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Quick Launch can be a quick and easy way to access the net, your media center or individual media players. It yous a toolbar that affords easy admittance to any media or programs on your Windows desktop. An Icon that represents the item will show up on the taskbar like part about the Quick Launch toolbar. This icon is any shortcut to the actual program or media. Quick Launch allows you to start programs on your desktop together with one click.

Difficulty: Average


1 Click once on the “Start” menu button which is located on the taskbar.

3 Click twice on “Taskbar and Start Menu.” The “Taskbar plus Start Menu Properties” window will pop up. You will see two tabs. One tab will experience the word “Taskbar” on it. The other tab will experience the words “Start Menu” on it.

4 Click on the “Taskbar” tab. You will see pair sections on the “Taskbar” tab. The initial section will be the “Taskbar appearance” area. This section will own five options. Every of the options within the first area will have a small rectangular on front of the options. The choices that is you will see with this section will contain: “Lock the taskbar,” “Auto-hide the taskbar,” “Keep the taskbar on best about other windows,” “Group similar taskbar buttons” and “Present Quick Launch.”

5 Click inside the small rectangular on front of the “Show Quick Launch” option.

6 Click the “Apply” key at the bottom on the right side of the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” window. Quick Launch will automatically show up on your taskbar. Quick Quid.

7 Click Fine. Close the “Manage Panel” window.

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