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Prototype2009: Alpha 10-01

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January 2010 Alpha release of Prototype2009

This is our first alpha release of the full EvoGrid design. The full simulate - analyze - submit loop is in place, with automated random seeding. This allows a closed grid to continuously perform simulation, analysis and searching.

The images provided are for VMWare. VMPlayer should be able to run them, as well as the fuller featured VMWare products. They are configured to use the Host-Only LAN.

The intended purpose of these images is to get public feedback and inspiration for future development. For more information, see the Prototype2009 page.

Download from EvoGrid on SourceForge


The Evogrid Simulation VM was uploaded with a bug in place. The libevogrid source code had been updated but the updated package not installed. To fix this bug, do the follow steps:

  • Log in as evogrid (password evogrid)
  • cd ~/source/analysis/libevogrid
  • dpkg-buildpackage -r fakeroot
  • sudo dpkg -i ../libevogrid*.dpg (sudo password is evogrid)




Account Password Notes
evogrid evogrid Has full sudo permissions
root root-evogrid

Debian Package Mirror

Images are uploaded with information for my local mirror. This is not net accessible.

Machine Info

None of the machines have the VMWare guest tools installed. Images decompress to between 900MB to 1.1GB. More space will be used by Simulation Manager as data is stored, unless re-allocated.

Machine Address RAM Notes
Simulation Manager 128MB Set to Host-only LAN.
Simulator DHCP 512MB Set to Host-only LAN.
Analysis DHCP 512MB Set to Host-only LAN. Cloned from Simulator. RAM allocation could be decreased, to 128MB?

EvoGrid Sources

Machine Local Path Repository Path
Simulation Manager /var/www https://evogrid.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/evogrid/web/sample
Simulator /home/evogrid/source https://evogrid.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/evogrid
Analysis /home/evogrid/source https://evogrid.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/evogrid

Simulation Manager

A human readable status page can be viewed at the Simulation Manager base URL. By default, this is , accessible from the host machine.


Account Password Notes
evogrid@localhost No password. Has SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE permissions on evogrid database only.
root@% root-evogrid

File Storage

/var and /home are separate partitions. /var is limited to 8Gb. /home is limited to 100GB. This has not been allocated.

If you have external non-VM storage available, I suggest you mount /home to it.

If you have an external MySQL database server, look at /var/www/configuration.php for the database configuration. The base data for the evogrid database is in /var/www/evogrid.sample.sql .

Known/Potential Issues

Please see the EvoGrid Issue Tracker for other known issues, or to submit a new one.

Analysis Backlog

The daemons used are currently managed by the daemon program. This allows non-daemon programs to be ran as such. The current configuration will relaunch the daemons immediately if they run for longer than 10 seconds (as is usually the case with evogrid-simulator), or delay the default period (of 600 seconds) if run time was shorter than that.

evogrid-analysis and evogrid-search-complexity usually run for less time then that. In the case where there are no simulation histories to be processed, their run time will be less than 1 second, and waiting for 5 minutes is sensible at this point. However, when there is a history to process, this may be completed in less than the 10 seconds expected, and the 5 minute delay may lead to a back log of histories.

This can be altered by editing /etc/init.d/evogrid-[analysis|search-complexity] and adding -L 60 to the daemon command at line 29. Stop then restart the daemon (by calling the init.d script with stop, then with start) to apply this change. This will cause the evogrid processes to be restarted every 60 seconds.

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